1. juni 2016

Ryanair confirms closure of Rygge base in Norway due to tax

Ryanair confirms closure of Rygge base in Norway
The move will cut the airline's Norwegian traffic in half

Ryanair has confirmed its decision to close its Rygge base in Oslo, a move that will cuts its Norwegian traffic in half, following the Norwegian government’s decision to introduce a new passenger tax.

- It’s all about the tax, Ryanair’s chief commercial officer, David O’Brien, said. Cut the tax this week and we’ll reverse the plan.
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Ryanair said it will shut down the base by October 29, cancelling 16 routes to destinations including Brussels, Dublin and Edinburgh, although it will lose an estimated 900,000 passengers.

The tax of 80 Norwegian kroner (€8.59) per passenger became effective on Wednesday. It is imposed on both domestic flights and international flights departing from Norway and is expected to raise 1 billion Norwegian kroner this year.

Ryanair said it would move its eight remaining Rygge routes to Oslo Torp from October 30. The privately-operated Rygge Airport has announced it will have to shut down completely because it is unable to sustain its business without Ryanair.

Source: businesspost.ie

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